Lip line

Sephora lip pen, can quickly create transparent bright,


1. The cosmetics division, image designer, overall modelling division hot high salary

Colour makeup division, personal image designer, overall modelling division, this kind of new talents in the beauty salon industry hot, salary is rising. From the hairdressing cosmetic association was informed that, at present all kinds of hairdressing hairdressing training school, sign up these course students accounted for more than half, wedding studio, design studio and even beauty salon for these talented person's demand is more and more big.

2. Makeup product more natural health change

A cosmetic industry conference, development plant extraction, organic green cosmetics become the development direction. * * * * enterprise already began to use this train of thought, * * * brand to add the organic plant natural active essence for selling points, * * * brand used * * * of the extract, * * part baked hair cream using deep-sea algae protein as a component

3. Cosmetics brand rise trend obvious

* * makeup product, aimed at different consumer groups, in product research and development on the pay more attention to functional. The traditional * * *, * * * composition has good health care, curing effect, some cosmetics brand in new product research and development, its formulation added from * * * things pure plant extracted essence element, rise to skin, raise colour, blank, hair care, and other unique effect. * * grass and modern biological technology the latest achievements of o

Shaving nursing

Every time when shaving more handy, avoid to produce scar


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